Marie S. Pearthree

Water Leader

Marie S. Pearthree

A demonstrated leader in southern Arizona water policy and resource management, Marie Pearthree is running for a Pima County seat on the Central Arizona Water Conservation District’s (CAWCD) Board of Directors.

The CAWCD Board oversees delivery of Colorado River water to central and southern Arizona via the Central Arizona Project, an extensive aqueduct system that stretches across Arizona from the Colorado River to the San Xavier Nation south of Tucson.

Marie will work hard to represent Pima County on the Board and protect Arizona’s Colorado River water supply, as well as pursue collaborative management of existing and future water and power resources. Her focus is on securing water and power sustainability in the face of drought, climate change and varying economic conditions.

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As Project Manager and Deputy Director at Tucson Water from 1997 – 2008, Marie led the team that brought in Colorado River water successfully to Tucson to replace unsustainable groundwater pumping. She has co-authored a book recently with Michael J. McGuire regarding the events that led to Tucson’s decision to import Colorado River water via the Central Arizona Project in the 1990s, the epic water quality and political debacle that ensued, and the steps taken to turn the situation around and put Tucson on the path towards water sustainability in 2001. The book was published by the American Water Works Association in the Spring of 2020.


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